"What yoga means to me is to be peaceful and to accept everything and to learn about yourself and feel all your feelings as well." -R, age 11


"The reason why I like yoga and yoga helps me is because it helps release your stress and it helps me with my anger issues." 

- B, age 9


"Meditation helps me to calm down."

- A, age 7


"The way class helps me is if something bad is happening, when I do yoga, i can just let all of that go and I feel peaceful."

- J, age 8


"It warms my heart to hear what they are learning about- how to deal with their fears, how to be brave, what is unique and great about each of them, how to be gentle with themselves and others."

- W, parent of 2


"I love taking my daughters to Be You Yoga. They emerge from that hour more calm and refreshed, even after a long day at school!"

- L, parent of 2